Data Security Management and Audit of Healthcare Data: A Case Study of SISPEC19 Project


  • Nurul Wahda R. Kasad Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Telkom University, Bandung, Indonesia Author
  • Deden Witarsyah Jacob Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Telkom University, Bandung, Indonesia Author
  • Ramdhan Nugraha Department of IT Convergence Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Technology Author



DAMA, Security, Data, Control.


Data security is the biggest challenge with personal data and state secrets threats. Digital transformation is increasing in various industries, including the government industry. One of the causes of this is the Covid19 pandemic which imposes conditions where all activities can be carried out smoothly even though they cannot interact directly. In this study, an analysis was carried out regarding auditing and data security management on health data in a government-owned health information system using the DAMA-DMBOK approach as a data governance standard. Then an audit is carried out to measure the success rate of implementing security on information systems using COBIT 2019 as a standard for IT governance.


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